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Pichada C. Honick, DDS PA Offers Dental Implant Placement & Restorations

Dental implants are the permanent solution to the problems that result from missing one or more teeth. They look and function just like natural teeth, and with care, dental implants can last a lifetime.

Dr. Honick is fully certified to place and restore dental implants, and is one of only a very few dentists in Chester and the Chesapeake Bay area that places implants. When we place your implants you get the convenience of having the entire procedure, from consultation to implant placement and restoration, carried out in the same office, by the same highly-trained and experienced dentist. This continuity of care helps to streamline and simplify the whole process, and ensures that every step is carried out to the same high standard.

With our commitment to making dental visits as safe and comfortable as possible for all our patients, we can provide several different options for sedation dentistry.

Implants can replace a Single Tooth or a Full Arch

When a tooth is badly damaged or missing entirely, sometimes the best permanent solution is a dental implant that replaces both the root and the crown of the tooth. A dental implant is a permanently-fixed titanium and ceramic prosthesis that can replace a single missing tooth, several teeth, or a full arch of teeth (via implant supported bridge or dentures). Depending on a patient's specific needs, the design and placement of an implant may require up to four office visits.

Nobel Implant System 

The best in the business in terms of both quality and convenience, Nobel's implant system is a state-of-the-art system of advanced tools and techniques that makes getting dental implants more comfortable than it's ever been.

This system is an extremely safe and stable way to connect the new tooth to the jaw. An ideal fit brings comfort and value to patients. Dr. Honick places implants with future restoration needs in mind. Implants lower the risk of further problems attributed to missing an original tooth such as, teeth shifting, loss of jaw bone or premature signs of facial aging. Whether the implants are going to support a single tooth, several or used to support dentures, patients' oral health is preserved for a long period of time.

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If you're missing one or more teeth due to decay, disease, or injury, you might be a candidate for dental implants. To find out if you're a suitable candidate, contact us to make an appointment with Dr. Honick at our Chesapeake Bay dentist office.


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